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Darioush Epicurus has been providing healthy and affordable lunch dining programs for San Francisco Bay Area schools for over two decades.

Our reputation is for excellence in school lunch service - an on-site lunch program that nourishes the growing child and the hungry adult. Every day, the kitchen staff uses fresh, wholesome, and carefully selected ingredients to prepare the homemade entrees, soups and salads that you will love to eat.

The school staff calls our food nutritious; the kids call it "yummy!" Our food is cooked fresh on site every day from our favorite recipes. With simple, fresh ingredients, everything is made from scratch.

We are proud to support local farmers and use organic produce when available. We are committed to providing what we believe is the very best local, sustainable food by partnering with small producers and farms. We respect the food we serve, the people we serve, and our environment. We appreciate the power of food to develop health, learning and enjoyment in the school experience.

We have been complimented on our affordability and superior service without any compromise to quality. We always work with school administration and parents to offer the best service to their children. We love to satisfy our customers.

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